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Postby Captain Indigo » Wed Oct 08, 2008 11:17 pm

Right, this took a little orchestrating, but I've finally solved it.

Those of you who are not part of the Special Ops team might have noticed that you have a new option at the top left of the index screen - you can ALL access the Moderator Control Panel.

Now, don't get too excited whilst I explain:

I've been moderating the posts for the other guest areas for a while, but the spammers have finally found out where to hit me - on the Help section. I never wanted to set this up as a moderated section as I am not omnipresent (despite appearences), so I cannot always moderate the posts right away and I wanted you guys to be able to help out with a genuine query ASAP.

By giving you the ability to moderate the posts in this section yourselves, it means that you'll see the posts awaiting moderation - perhaps before I do. It's simple - if it's junk, disapprove it. If it's genuine, approve it and answer it if you can. I trust you guys to tell the difference (and there are logs, so I'll know if you aren't :wink: )
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