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Postby Captain Indigo » Wed Mar 07, 2007 1:20 pm

The rules of this forum exist only to ensure that everyone can enjoy the experience. Please stay within them when posting instalments.


Due to the number of apparent 'spam' users, I have had to change the registration process so that all users have to be accepted by one of the administrators. I offer my apologies for having to resort to this drastic measure.

If you include a website on your profile when you apply for membership, please ensure that it is correct. Any of the following will result in your membership being declined:
  • An error message (Page not found etc)
  • A commercial or advertising website. If you do happen to own/manage a commercial site that might be of interest to the members, please email me at to advise.
  • Pornography
  • Pharmeceutical
  • Any link leading straight to a download
  • Any nonsense blog or other spam-type site
  • Anything from YouTube, IMDB, Wikipedia etc. These should be added into posts under the appropriate heading.

Any application containing an ICQ number will be automatically refused. You may add an ICQ number to your profile after you become a vaildated member but not before.

The email address you use when you register must be valid. If your email is returned, your membership will be revoked, so please ensure you check your registration details very carefully before submitting them.


In order to cut down on the number of 'spam' users, please ensure that you post a message within 2 weeks of having your membership activated. Failure to do so will result in your membership being suspended for a further 2 weeks.
You can apply to have your membership reactivated during this period by emailing me at Remember to include your user name and a grovelling excuse ( :wink: ).

Aside from this rule, please feel free to post anywhere at any time. Posts should always be placed on the correct board. If you're posting something about an Anderson series, chances are there is a board for it. If it's another television series, check under 'Non-Anderson Shows' - it might well be listed. If not, stick it in Miscellaneous. Anything else should go in General.


Please keep the content of your post within acceptable parameters, bearing in mind that this site had a General rating on MSN and I have no objections to members under the age of 13. No strong swearing or overtly sexual comments, please. Subtle suggestiveness and mild cursing is okay.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so please don't be offended if not everyone agrees with you. Different points of view enrich the experience of a forum - please don't degrade this by having a massive argument or posting something that is deliberately intended to offend.
If you find something that a particular user has posted offensive, please contact the administrators (Scarlet Lady and myself) so that we can take the necessary steps to remove the offending material.

Anything posted that is not acceptable can and will be removed, by myself or by one of the moderators. Any member who posts an inappropriate message will have a warning PM'd to them. If any member repeatedly posts inappropriate material, they will face expulsion from the forum.

I don't have a problem with using the forum for chat threads, but please don't start conversations in threads that have a clear purpose. I don't mind a little deviation from the stated purpose of a thread, but don't wander off topic too far. One of the moderators will step in if they feel that a thread is getting too far off topic.


Any post felt to be spam will be removed IMMEDIATELY and a warning sent to the offending member. Continuous spamming will result in the termination of membership.
If you find something that you consider to be spam, please contact one of the moderators who can remove it.

Forum Fan Fictions & RPGs

If anyone wants to participate in/start a FFF, please feel free to do so on the Forum Fan Fiction board. Please note, however, that this board has its own rules for participation that should be adhered to alongside the ones stipulated above.

Anyone wishing to start an RPG may do so. I have no idea how they work and thus haven't started one myself. Please use the Forum Fan Fiction board to do this in.

Privacy & Security

Every member is entitled to his or her privacy. This includes keeping their personal details personal - real name, postal and email addresses etc. Please do not ask any member to disclose their details on the forum.
If you want to have a private conversation with a particular member, please use the PM facility or any other method of online communication they have listed on their profile. If they choose to disclose any details to you on the PM, do not spread them around. If someone wants their telephone number known to everyone, they'll do it themselves.

I don't actually recommend that you do post your phone number on the forum: it was just an example. Real names and email addresses I don't have a problem with, but for your own security, I suggest that you don't post any information linked to your home or business address. This includes telephone & mobile/cellphone numbers.

And the most important rule of all - HAVE FUN!
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Postby Captain Indigo » Sun Mar 18, 2007 2:15 am

You have to love spammers - their profiles are so easy to spot. In addition to the above rules, the forum has been instructed to automatically refuse membership to any of the following email addresses:

Please continue to enjoy the forum, everyone!


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Postby Captain Indigo » Wed May 23, 2007 12:06 am

Please note the addition of ICQ numbers to the conditions of joining. This has been introduced as I have noticed that a majority of spam applications have an ICQ number in them, but no real person seems to have included one.

If you DO happen to have an ICQ number, please feel free to add it to your profile AFTER you have validated your membership (made at least 1 post).
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