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Lieutenant Indigo

Original Name: Rose Metcalfe
Spectrum Rank: Colour code lieutenant
Partner in work: normally mans (or womans) the communications console, but when in the field, either Major Scarlet or Lieutenant Lilac.
Sex: female
DOB: 7th September 2072
Eyes: green/yellow or blue (depends on situation)
Hair: black
Height: 5’1”

Personal History: born and raised on Cloudbase, Rose had a strange childhood. Her linguistic skills developed very early, due to the multicultural nature of Cloudbase. As no one truly understood her nature, Rose never attended school, and was tutored on Cloudbase, mainly by officers who specialized in a particular field. Her mother, Rhapsody Angel died when she was 8, killed by the Mysterons. Rose was brought up by her father, Captain Scarlet. Rose was killed on her thirteenth birthday by Mysteron agent Captain Indigo. Reviving, Rose became determined to enter Spectrum, and passed all the necessary exams, including obtaining her piloting licence. On her sixteenth birthday, she submitted her application. Unable to allow her to train at that particular time, Colonel Blue took her on as his aide, and she gained some valuable experiences from that. She graduated from training on 13th March, 2089, but for health reasons, was unable to collect her commission until the following Saturday. She has a link to the Mysteron group mind, that is generally ignored, but can sometimes overwhelm her.

Personal Comment: Indigo is very outgoing, when off duty, and tends to be over-familiar with her superiors when on duty, due to her upbringing. She is eager to serve in the field, and therefore always has a replacement standing by. She does, however recognize that certain situations require her to be at communications, as her knowledge of languages has yet to be surpassed in Spectrum. Indigo’s fieldwork is very good, and she tends to think things over carefully. However, she is adversely affected by cold temperatures, which can impede her work.

Medical notes: Indigo is retrometabolic. However, she has survived an electric shock, with no noticeable side effects. She is also affected by the Mysterons’ susceptibility to cold. Her hybrid nature is likely to leave her infertile.



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