Charity Angel

Name: Lezli Farrington
D.O.B: 09.02.2061
Gender: Female
P.O.B: Leeds, England
Rank: Angel Pilot
Partners: The Angel Pack
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Shoulder length, auburn, curly

History: Moved around Britain a lot in her early years. Settled in South Lancashire when 12. Passed 10 GCSEs at grade B or better and gained four A levels in the sciences. Dreamed of being a vet until the War prevented her from gaining a place at University (it was destroyed by the Mysterons in her Freshers’ Week). Gained an interest in flying in the subsequent ‘Gap Year’, and applied to train as a Spectrum pilot. Also is a field medic.

Personal Information: Can be a bit absent-minded at times (says she should have been born blonde), but on the whole is dedicated to her duties. Once she has gotten over her initial shyness, she has a bubbly, outgoing personality, and makes friends easily. Charity chose her own name – as she used to work for the RSPCA.

Personality Traits: A typical redhead, Charity has a fiery temper and holds a grudge for a long time (especially when she thinks she’s right), although she doesn’t enjoy not getting along with people on the whole.

Medical notes: Slight loss of hearing in right ear after several childhood sicknesses. Not significant enough to impair duties, although it can make things difficult in group situations, where background noise can make things inaudible.