Place of Angels
Two scientists have been working on a virus* that is absolutely lethal to any human who comes into contact with it.
When the Mysterons threaten to destroy 'the place of Angels' the Spectrum team start by looking into all places where the Angels have come from. They are, however, looking for the right person; a Mysteronised female scientist who has stolen the virus from Manchester, and is making her way to Los Angeles, 'The Angels'.
Civilian reports flood in from the surface with unconfirmed sightings of the scientist. It takes Captain Scarlet to figure out that LA is the place to be when Colonel White tells him of a sighting there. Blue and Scarlet requesition an SPV on the surface, in the least spectacular SPV entry yet, and head off after the scientist, who runs her car off the road in order to lose her tail. This is successful, as Scarlet and Blue investigate the wreckage and find a broken phial, which they asume is the virus. They are placed under quarrantine until the other scientist determines that the virus is not present.
Scarlet manages to track the girl down as she is heading out to contaminate the city's water supply with the virus. Scarlet knows that the phial must not be broken, and so hesitates in shooting. Fortunatly, the scientist trips in a grate (note to all Mysteron agents. Never wear stiletto shoes when on Mysteron business) when she is backing up towards the edge of the dam and falls over, dropping the virus as she goes. Scarlet rescues the still intact phial, and Los Angeles is safe.
*Note: quote about a strain of baccilus is incorrect. Baccilus is a strain of bacteria, not a virus. Also, there is no known cure for any virus, so these details are also incorrect
(My apologies for picking holes in the science, but I had a biology exam soon after this was written.)