Noose of Ice
When the Mysterons threaten the next Mars mission, Spectrum immediately look to the World Space agency, who are organising it. Scarlet and Blue are told that in order to create the rocket, a special metal, tritonium is needed, and there is only one natural source in the world - under the Arctic continent.
The captains journey to the mine, underneath Hotspot Tower, the mine's only source of contact with the outside world. Whilst they are in the control room, below the ice level, they discover that the ice around the tower is kept at a constant 60 degrees in order to eliminate any forces it may exert on the tower. However, the power is turned off whilst they are there, and there is no way for anyone to make to the relay station in order to switch the power back on before the ice destroys the whole structure.
Captain Scarlet decides that the only chance is for him to go out of the airlock and try to reach the surface from the outside. The mine controller warns him off, saying that he'd never survive long enough to make it, as he'd get the bends from the rapid ascent. Blue also reminds him that the high voltage electricity on the relay station is enough to kill anyone, including him! Scarlet takes the chance anyway.
After surfacing, and a hairy ride over the bridge-way to the ice pack, Scarlet reaches the booster station. He is captured by the Mysteron agent, but uses a live wire to his advantage, allowing it to come into contact with the metal staircase the Mysteron is on.
Scarlet restores the power to Hotspot tower and restores the heating elements to full power before the ice destroys the tower.
*Note of interest to FF writers: Blue reveals that electricity is the only thing that can kill Captain Scarlet in front of the mine controller. I'll try to find out his name for anyone who's interested.
*Another note, for all you buffs out there: Did anyone notice the borrowed set? The internal set of Eskimo station is the revamped version of the control room of Skyship One from 'Thunderbird 6".