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Thunderbirds was based on the well-off Tracy family, who put their fortunes to good use, creating an organisation to help others who were in trouble.

Season One

Trapped in the Sky
When the Fireflash is sabotaged on its maiden flight, can the world's newest rescue organisation, International Rescue save the day, and one of its own members?

Pit of Peril
When three men are trapped in a pit filled with flames, can Scott withstand the heat and rescue them, or will he too succumb?

3. City of Fire
A car crash in the basement car park of new shopping mall, trapping a family. But the only means of rescuing them is by using a dangerous chemical that the boys have suffered side-effects from before!

4. Sun Probe
A scientific mission to collect a piece of the sun goes wrong when the rocket's motors fail, leaving the craft and its four occupants on a collision course for the sun!

5. The Uninvited
Thunderbird 1 is shot down over the Sahara and discovered by archaeologists who help Scott. However, not long after he is returned to Tracy Island, the archaeologists find themselves in trouble from the same creatures that shot Scott down!

6. The Mighty Atom
The Hood makes use of a stolen piece of surveillance equipment to steal the secrets of an irrigation plant before luring International Rescue there with plans to use the tiny camera inside the Thunderbirds!

7. Vault of Death
A vault in the Bank of England is routinely locked for two years and the air pumped out. However, an accountant is trapped inside, and the only key is with a friend of Lady Penelope. However, Parker, believing that the emergency at the bank is to do with a former cell-mate, sabotages their attempts to reach the bank before the man suffocates!

8. Operation Crash-Dive
Fireflash craft are crashing into the sea without a trace! Can International Rescue solve the mystery?

9. Move - And You're Dead
A former rival of Alan's traps both Alan and Grandma on a bridge with a bomb that will detonate if either of them moves!

10. Martian Invasion
The Hood uses a movie set in order to capture the secrets of the Thunderbirds, but a pyrotechnics accident leaves the actors in danger!

11. Brink of Disaster
Investigation into a new monorail company that Parker suspects to be bogus puts Jeff, Brains and TinTin in danger when the track is brought down by a stricken helijet and the safety signals are out of action!

12. The Perils of Penelope
Penelope is sent on a mission to locate a missing scientist, but she too is captured!

Terror in New York City
Thunderbird 2 is shot down after a rescue, but then a call comes in requiring Thunderbird 4. Will Gordon be able to reach the danger zone and complete the rescue before he runs out of fuel and air?

14. End of the Road
Alan's nose is put out of joint when Eddie, an old friend of TinTin's, visits the island, but can he put his jealousy behind him when Eddie gets trapped in the mountains?

15. Day of Disaster
When a collapsing bridge lands Martian probe in the river with the countdown running, can Brains and Gordon save the day and rescue the technicians trapped inside?

16. Edge of Impact
The Hood's schemes cause disaster when a sabotaged test plane flies into a tower, trapping two workers! However, with a guest on the island, Jeff finds that he cannot launch the Thunderbirds!

17. Desperate Intruder
Brains and TinTin go on an expedition in the desert, but the Hood follows them, determined to find the treasure they are seeking for himself at any cost!

18. 30 Minutes After Noon
A high profile business man is cornered by a hitchhiker and a bracelet containing an explosive is clamped around his wrist. His only chance is to find the key that has been hidden in his own office, but he cannot reach the building in time obeying the speed limits...

The Impostors
Another organisation calling itself 'International Rescue' appears on the news on Tracy Island. Jeff pretends not to be bothered until it is discovered that their rescue was a sham, used to rob a bank vault. The hunt is on to stop 'International Rescue' before they can strike again!

The Man from MI5
When secret plans fall into the wrong hands, MI5 are forced to contact International Rescue for assistance in retrieving them.

21. Cry Wolf
Two boys playing with walkie-talkies inadvertently call out International Rescue. Scott takes them back to the base to show them the importance of the operation and not making hoax calls, even by accident, but once home, the Hood traps them in a mine and they are forced to make the call for real. But will they be believed?

22. Danger at Ocean Deep
An exploding sea tanker is a mystery that remains unsolved when its sister ship sets out to make the same journey a year later. Brains realises that the explosion was caused by a reaction between the ship's fuel and a fungus that lives in that area of the sea! The race is on to stop the automated tanker before the reaction can reach a critical point!

23. The Duchess Assignment
An old friend of Lady Penelope's loses everything but a painting to her gambling addiction. However, a plan to help her out goes wrong when she is kidnapped by gangsters for her valuable picture...

Attack of the Alligators!
An accidental spillage of a growth-enhancing chemical into the local river causes the resident alligators to grow into giant monsters that threaten the safety of a scientist and his guests!

25. The Cham-Cham
When a series of plane crashes are linked to a band, Lady Penelope and TinTin are sent in undercover to investigate.

26. Security Hazard
A small boy stows away on Thunderbird 2, and the Tracys are faced with trying to get him home, without revealing too much information about themselves!

Season Two

Atlantic Inferno
Scott is left in charge when Lady Penelope convinces Jeff to take a holiday, but can Scott make the right decisions when disaster strikes? And can Jeff trust his son's judgement?

Path of Destruction
A bad case of food poisoning puts the entire town of San Martino in danger, but can the Thunderbirds shut off the giant Crablogger machine before it hits the dam, and without causing a massive explosion?

Alias Mister Hackenbacker
A new aircraft designed by Brains is hijacked on its maiden voyage, putting Lady Penelope in danger!

Lord Parker's 'Oliday
A revolutionary new power source puts the town of Monte Bianco in danger

Two men are trapped in a stricken illegal satellite in decaying orbit. Only Alan can save them, but he can't stand the front-man, DJ Rick O'Shea. Can he put his dislike aside to save O'Shea's life?

6. Give or Take a Million
When a bank robbery goes wrong, the criminals take refuge in the department store next door and hide themselves inside a rocket that is due for take-off!

There were two feature films made:-

Thunderbirds Are Go (1966)
The Hood sabotages the first Zero-X mission to Mars. International Rescue step in to protect the second attempt, but the Zero-X crew find more than they bargined for on the surface of Mars.

Thunderbird Six (1967)
A group of International Rescue agents participate in the maiden voyage of Brains' latest invention - a civilian airship, but the Hood takes the opportunity to get rid of the organisation once and for all.

A live action film was also made, based on the series.

Thunderbirds (2004)
In a daring plot to rob the world's most prestigious banks, the criminal mastermind known as The Hood traps the members of International Rescue in space and steals one of their crafts. However, his plans are thwarted at every turn by the youngest Tracy brother, Alan, and his friends Fermat and TinTin.

When The Hood takes to the air in Thunderbird Two, does Alan have what it takes to pursue the bad guys and become a true Thunderbird like his brothers?