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Were you, like me, left a little confused as to which brother was which in the film? Fear not, help is at hand with the guide below.

Jeff Tracy
Played by: Bill Paxton

Multi-billionaire, ex-astronaut widower, founder and head of International Rescue.

Played by: Philip Winchester
Scott is the eldest brother at 24, and is the pilot of Thunderbird 1.

Played by: Lex Shrapnel
John is the second brother, aged 22, and spends most of his time in Thunderbird 5.

Played by: Dominic Colenso
Levelheaded Virgil is the middle brother, aged 20. He is the pilot of Thunderbird 2.

Played by: Ben Torgersen
Gordon is the 18 year old astronaut in charge of Thunderbird 3.

Played by: Brady Corbet
Alan is the baby of the family at 14, and is still at boarding school in Massachusetts. Definitely does not fancy TinTin.



Hiram "Brains" Hackenbacker
Played by: Anthony Edwards
The scientific genius who invented the Thunderbirds. Suffers from a terrible stammer.

Played by: Soren Fulton
Alan's best friend and a child genius. Brains' son. Suffers from the same stammer as his dad.

Played by: Vanessa Anne Hudgens
Kyrano's daughter. Lives on Tracy Island full time. She has same strange powers as her uncle, the Hood. Definitely does not fancy Alan.

Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward
Played by: Sophia Myles
English aristocrat and undercover agent for International Rescue. Has a passion for pink.

Aloysius "Nosey" Parker
Played by: Ron Cook
Former convicted criminal turned butler/chauffeur. Has a passion for football. His skills often come in handy in tight situations.

Trangh "The Hood" Belagant
Played by: Sir Ben Kingsley
Left for dead by International Rescue when his diamond mine collapsed, he spent a lot of time developing the mental abilities that run in his family, before setting out to destroy the Thunderbirds. He has the powers of both telepathy and telekinesis, but using them weakens him.

Played by: Deobia Oparei
The Hood's hired muscle. Has trained in the arts of judo, krai magna and tai kwon do. But not, apparently, Queensbury Rules.


Played by: Rose Keegan
The Hood's hired brains. Has something of a crush of Brains, and tries to seduce him constantly.