30th October 2012

New NCS fanfic, Torment in Tibet" posted. It is no coincidence that it is only a day until Halloween...

5th October 2012

We're back online! Hooray!

New Captain Scarlet Episode guides have been completed. The management is planning to move onto The Secret Service next and work backwards chronologically. We realise that The Secret Service is a bit of a niche fandom, but it is only thirteen episodes long, so should not take too long. (However, as the manager is now a teacher, 'not too long' is relative. It will take less time than Thunderbirds...)

The Secret Service section will therefore be getting a makeover in the next few months, bringing it more in line with the Spectrum Datalink and Database. Please do not be concerned by broken links in this section whilst this occurs.

A new fanfic, "From Heaven Unto the Earth" has been posted. Some devoted fans of the Rose Metcalfe series may recognise a certain scene, having been alluded to in "The Ghost of Christmas Past".

Some older drabbles and flash fics have been collated and posted on the new Drabbles & Short Stories page.

A new calendar has been added, detailing useful dates relating to both real life and Anderverse events.

After our enforced hiatus, the management has taken the liberty of updating the general layout and feel of the website. The management has also been playing around with new coding methods: apparently new standards have come out in the ten or so years since we learned to write html, and the old pages won't be web-compatible for much longer! If things have not worked out, and you feel that something doesn't look right or work correctly, please post on the forum to let us know. If possible, please post a screenshot to help us out - we may not be able to see what you can see.

Please note that the width of the site has now been fixed to 1000 pixels for stylistic purposes. If your screen is narrower than this (eg. 800x600), you may need to scroll a little. This should not impact your overall experience. This is not an error. It is also not an error if your screen is wider (eg. 1024 x 768) and the site does not fill it.

Hopefully, all broken links (and we found a fair few) have been located and corrected. This page has only been corrected as far back as 2nd July 2006. Anything earlier cannot and will not be guaranteed. Only this post and onwards will be guaranteed for colours and any other stylistic components (all other web pages should read correctly throughout).

18th January 2009

Best of Enemies review added & rest of Datalink updated with new observations & corrections by Serena.
All synopses now include character & production credits.
Broken links repaired on the Datalink episode guides.

2nd July 2008

Touch of the Reaper review added.

17th February 2008

GA public appearance! See News page for more details!

30th November 2007

MSN pages now use frames for navigation. Frameless versions are still available if you require them.
Voice Artists updated to include the two Supermarionation Thunderbirds films.

25th September 2007

Broken links & images repaired on Datalink Personnel files.
Full episode guide for Virus & Enigma added.

18th September 2007

Full guides for Trap for a Rhino, Heist and The Achilles Messenger added to the Datalink Mission Logs.

16th September 2007

Now, this looks like I haven't done anything since February! Well, I suppose a lot of it has been behind-the-scenes stuff rather than things I add to this page.

This is now the only site - MSN has been totally shut down as of today. The few remaining MSN pages can be found at http://msn.supermarionationforever.co.uk. I will get these integrated with the main pages just as soon as I work out how.
Polls recounted.

6th February 2007

New Forum launched!


1st February 2007

Rain of Terror and Skin Deep full guides added to Spectrum Datalink.
Chiller guide updated with pictures.
Series 2 short guides added.

4th July 2006

Spectrum Datalink repaired. The pictures should now all appear. Sorry 'bout that.
Polls> recounted & results posted.
New Quiz section added - New Captain Scarlet quiz added.

2nd July 2006

New site launched! No more pesky adverts! Hurrah!
If you're reading this, you've found the new site, but the new address is:

New contact details: indigo@supermarionationforever.co.uk for general queries, or fanfic@supermarionationforever.co.uk for submission of fan fiction. I will still get emails sent to the old Yahoo addresses for the foreseeable future, but these addresses will be closed down in the next few weeks.

New phpBB forum launched! Hopefully it will be more reliable than MSN.

Release date for NCS Series 2 boxset added to News page.

26th February 2006

Links repaired for fanfic pages.
Circles of Doom page updated with pictures.

19th February 2006

General facelift for some pages and links updated on all pages.

Personnel pages added for UFO and Space: 1999.

Fan fics moved from Documents folder to geocities.
13th February 2006

Full guides for 'Homecoming' and 'Mercury Falling' added to the Spectrum Data

Link added to homepage for the
Comic Strips Reprint Petition.

7th February 2006

Restructuring of the site due to storage issues. The Spectrum Database for Classic Captain Scarlet, the Spectrum Datalink for New Captain Scarlet and the Secret Service now have their own domains - http://www.geocities.com/spectrum_database, http://www.geocities.com/spectrum_datalink and http://www.geocities.com/universal_secret_service respectively. All the links should function as normal between the four sites, but there is now a greater chance that you will come across a broken link. I'm only human, after all...
Everything that was previously in the 'cs', 'newcs' and 'secretservice' folders have been moved over to the new domains. Any bookmarks you may have for these pages should be updated.
All updates will be listed here as normal...

Yes, I think it's confusing too, but it's all for the best. After all, there's only so much I can do with 15MB of storage space, and so much more with 60...
Best advice - just ignore it unless you come across a broken link. PLEASE report broken links! I found some erroneous links by accident whilst checking the new ones - ones that had been there since we moved to geocities, I think! It's easy. All you have to do is to email me at supermarionation_forever@yahoo. co.uk telling me what and where the link is.


Mission logs added to Spectrum Datalink - Season 1 short guides all available. Long guides available for 'Instrument of Destruction' parts one and two, 'Swarm' and 'Rat Trap'.

Mission logs updated on Spectrum Database - all short and most long guides available.

Mission logs added to Secret Service files - all short guides available. Long guides for ' A Case for the Bishop' and ' A Question of Miracles' available.

Accompanying soundtracks have been added to the Lyrics pages. There are also background tracks on most of the 'episode' pages. Make sure you have your speakers on when surfing!

8th January 2006

Spectrum Database updated with additional mission logs, details on vehicles and a general facelift.
Spectrum Datalink (New Spectrum Database) updated with mission logs and details on Season Two.
"The Ghost of Christmas Past" added to Fan Fiction files.
New link added for The Tracy Island Chronicles.

24th April 2005

New Spectrum Database created.
Episode reviews for "Circles of Doom" and "Chiller" added. Vehicle info added to NSD.
Rumour regarding re-run of Season 1 added to CGI News 

4th March 2005

New poll added for New Captain Scarlet.
Spectrum Database created. All pages for Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons now available there.
Information about the Mysterons and Spectrum added to the Spectrum Database.
Fun & Games page created.

1st February 2005

Thunderbirds episode guides added
Thunderbirds movie guides added for Thunderbird 6 and the 2004 live action movie
Movie character info added
New Captain Scarlet episode guide updated
CGI news updated 31/01/05 - premiere date new available for UK!

10th January 2005

New Fan Fic added - "Santa Claus is Coming To Town" by Lezli Farrington
New Poll added - favourite Thunderbirds movie character
Polling results recounted
Character bios updated for the New Captain Scarlet series
Link added for the official New Captain Scarlet site

6th December 2004

New Fan Fics announced

Voice artists updated for all series that I've been able to find info for.

26th November

Well, what hasn't been changed?

Recommendations are that, since just about everything has changed in one way or another, just browse through the whole site and take a look.

Thunderbirds episode reviews have disappeared. Fear not, they will be back, in the same format at the Captain Scarlet ones. Episode synopses will also appear for the remaining series, as will Personnel files.

The voice artists are an ongoing project. I still need to complete the files, but the Captain Scarlet listings are complete at least.


24th November 2004

The following pages have been added:

Supercar Character Profiles
Fireball XL5 Character Profiles
Stingray Character Profiles
Joe 90 Character Profiles

Voice Artist profiles

13th November 2004

Fan Fic characters page added to MSN site only. Please feel free to contact me with a profile of any character you might want to use.

28th October 2004

New Captain Scarlet episode reviews added.


27th October 2004

The new website now active. Some links on MSN will divert to Geocities, and most fan fic still only available to members in the documents folder. Enjoy both!


25th October 2004

Many pages made available on this site.

24th October 2004

This site activated!

21st October 2004
Polls recounted, and page given face-lift.

14th October 2004
Supercar, Fireball XL5 and Joe 90 episode guides added.

12th October 2004
Supercar & Fireball XL-5 lyrics added.

10th October 2004 (23:50)
New information added to the CGI page, which has been given a face lift.
Other pages throughout the site have also received face lifts. Most of the changes are superficial and in the html code only.

9th(23:30)-10th (2:10) October 2004
The character profiles for Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds have been posted in full. Please note that these are for the Supermarionation series only, and are in no way connected to the film or the CGI series.

6th October 2004
The Forum Fan Fiction is now available as a Word document, accessible through the Fan Fic Reviews.

1st October 2004
Paintball Madness, the story posted on the forum, has been added to the Fan Fiction page.

27th September 2004
New Calendar added - October-February currently available.
Please feel free to submit your birthday for entry on the calendar

26th September 2004
The final five parts of the Forum Fan Fic added.
New information added to the 'No Strings Attached' page, regarding the CGI series of Captain Scarlet.

18th September 2004
The next six parts added to the Forum Fan Fic.

16th September 2004
'Pride and Joy' re-added to the Fan Fiction page, rewritten slightly.
'The Gift' also made available.

14th September 2004
Parts 7-11 added to the Forum Fan Fiction.

13th September 2004
Two more parts of the Forum Fan Fiction added.

2nd August 2004
Yes, shocking, I know, but finally, the next two installments of the Forum Fan Fiction are avaiable! There are another 9 ready to be uploaded when I get a minute, and some character profiles too. It's all happening now!

8th December 2003
Future stuff updated, with a plea for help. I now work a 49 hour week, and don't have the time I'd like to spend on this.
Polling votes recounted. Updates made.

28th October 2003

8th September 2003
The episode guides have been revamped. New air dates have been added to Captain Scarlet, which has also been rearranged into production order. The Imposters has been added to the Thunderbirds guide.

24th August 2003
Second part of the Forum Fan Fic has been posted. New parts should be available soon.

8th August 2003
First part of the Forum fan fiction had been edited and posted. It is available through the Forum Fan Fiction page, which has moved to below the Fan Fiction Reviews page.

24th July 2003
Forum Fan Fiction page added. This will be the home of any fff's we do. I'm editing the current one as we speak, and what I have will be posted in the next few days.

19th July 2003
Thunderbirds cast list has been updated.


2nd July 2003

Poll results have been checked and the results posted. Keep up the polling, peeps.

All pages messed up by MSN have been repaired. (hopefully)




1st July 2003

The article/interview with Gerry Anderson is now available on the CGI page!

New page about the Thunderbirds Movie up. Only cast list available as yet.




19th June 2003

Another update to the CGI page, incorporating some info I found out last night.




18th June 2003

CGI page updated




24th April 2003

Captain Scarlet's picture has been added to his profile and Captain Blue's profile has been added.

Two new polls have been added. Please be honest on them.

The results of the 'Favourite Series' poll have been posted.

18th January 2003

'Turning Point' by Chris Bishop has been added to the documents folder (accessible through the 'Fan Fiction Reviews' page).


6th December 2002

Added some people to the Allegences table. Captain Cerise and I swapped sides